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We have all the tools you need to host an in-person voter registration drive. Download our “In-Person Voter Drive” PDF at the bottom of this page for a copy of these instructions and promotional text for your drive (including bulletin announcements, a video announcement script, an article for church website, and an email blast for members). Graphics and videos are available for download in our Media Packet.

How to Hold an In-Person Voter Drive

  1. Contact the pastor and ask permission to hold a voter registration event.
  2. Choose a time and location to hold the voter registration drive.
    • In some states, the state must receive new voter registration forms at least 30 days before an election for the registrant to be eligible to vote. Check with your state’s Elections Division for the voter registration deadline and make sure to plan your voter drive in time for registration forms to be sent in.
    • Confirm that your projected date for the voter drive is not on a holiday and will not be competing with other church events.
    • Reserve space or a table as necessary.
  3. Decide on avenues of promotion. Possible avenues include:
  4. Gather necessary materials.
    • Voter registration cards in most states, you can contact your state’s elections division to obtain packets of voter registration forms. Voter registration forms are typically postage paid and can serve to update a voter’s name or address.
    • Printed sign with following statement: “According to Federal Election Commission rules, our voter registration services are available without regard to voters’ political preference.”
    • Pens
    • Table and chairs

    Optional Materials
    • Flyer with Voter Information (Available for download in ourMedia Packet)
    • Sign with election dates, including last day to register to vote and early voting dates (dates available from your state’s elections division)
    • Voter guides or information on where to obtain voter guides (To comply with IRS regulations, you just need to make sure that the guide does not specifically endorse candidates, only explains their positions, that it includes more than one candidate, and that it covers a wide range of issues. ” If you are not sure about the legality of a voter guide, contact Liberty Institute.)
    • Computer or mobile device with Internet access to assist in looking up a voter’s registration status or country
    • Email Sign Up List (If you wish to send follow up emails to members)
  5. Organize a team to work the voter registration table.
    • Encourage team members to read the “Register Voters” section below.
    • Have team members familiarize themselves with the registration form ahead of time.
    • Have team members review our Frequently Asked Questions.
  6. Register Voters
    • Set up the voter registration table in a prominent area. Hang signs and set out forms, pens, info cards and voter guides (if available).
    • When a person comes up, give them a voter registration form. Remind them to check the “US Citizen” box.
    • Tell the voter when their form must be postmarked and encourage them to mail the form soon. If there is an official USPS mail drop box nearby, inform the voter of its location.
      (IMPORTANT NOTE: Many states do not allow an individual to accept or mail voter registration cards on behalf of another, unless the recipient is a deputized voter registrar. Unless allowed by your state’s elections division, do not handle or mail the completed form for the voter. Instead, ask the person to mail their own form.)
    • If you have voter information cards or voter guides available, give them to the voter.
    • Ask the voter if they would like to sign up to receive voting-related email updates.
    • Thank the new voter for registering.
  7. Follow Up
    • Print election dates in the bulletin in the weeks leading up to the election (Sample bulletin announcements in PDF).
    • Send follow up emails to members before the elections to remind them to vote.

Download “In-Person Voter Drive | Your Vote Under God 2016” PDF