FOR CHURCHES Ten Things Your Church Can Do

Read Legal Information about Churches and Elections

  1. Host a voter drive in your church lobby, using our in-person voter registration drive packet.
  2. Promote voting through an online voter registration drive, using our online voter registration drive packet. With our tools, you can:
    • Explain the Biblical reasons why Christians should vote.
    • Send an email to your church encouraging your members to vote.
    • Put a page on your church’s website that encourages voting and voter guides.
  3. Put voter registration tools on your website (provided by Champion the Vote) or link to the tools on our home page.
  4. Provide voter registration forms in your church lobby every weekend. (In most states, forms are available in bulk from your state’s elections division.)
  5. Hold a “Your Vote Under God” weekend at your church to promote voting, using the resources we provide in our media packet.
  6. Ask your pastor to share a message on the importance of faith and action in the political process.
  7. Encourage 100% voter registration and voting at your church. A great way to do this is to focus on 100% registration in segments of the church, like your college group, your staff, your prayer group, or others.
  8. Host a “You Can Vote!” party for your church’s 18-21 year olds, celebrating the fact that they are old enough to vote and providing them with voter registration forms to register to vote.
  9. Hold weekly prayer meetings to pray for our elected officials, our candidates and our nation, or create a 24-hour prayer network to pray for our nation.
  10. Send the “Letter to Pastors” to other churches to encourage them to promote voting and host a “Your Vote Under God” campaign.